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Go Live If the popup does not work, please go to your
Facebook page -> Videos -> Video Library -> Live
Same window will open and you can proceed with that.

General Settings

How to get access token? Note: To post on a profile, you need to get a user access token with user_posts permission.
How to get post id? Update: Paste the complete ifame code form facebook embed, The id will be extracted automatically.
16:9 Ratio will be used. See Details


Counter Settings

Count votes with

Select Counter Type


Leave blank if you want to use background videos or images in OBS. Background will be transparent if not selected.
File size must be lower than 2 MB.

You can display a countdown to specific date and time. See demo here

A great feature for smaller pages with low number of likes! Reactions on the shared posts will also be counted so you can share livestream in public groups to get more reach and engagement.

* It will only count reactions of the shares in public groups not on a user's timeline or closed groups. It is beneficial in this case as we only want to use our own shares in groups.
* Read here if you want to learn more about how this works:
* Maximum 50 shared posts will be used.